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Personalized Fitness for Women

Melissa strives to inspire and help women reach their fitness goals and find confidence in their bodies.


Get started on your goals!

Melissa offers customized personal training to suit your unique needs and lifestyle. 


 Caterpillar Package

1x/Week Plan

Ideal for those who do not have a lot of time to commit but want to get started or people already involved in other forms of exercise who just want to add in a little more.

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Crysalis Package

2x/Week Plan

A perfect plan to see steady progress. Workouts typically split into a lower body and a upper body workout depending on your personal goals.

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Butterfly Package

3x/Week Plan

The package for those who are serious about their transformation and want to see serious results! 

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Hybrid Training

Combine in person training with online support.

Hybrid program includes 2 live session per month, which can be in person or via Zoom, as well as online workout plans for up to five days per week depending on your needs.

Online Only Plans

Combine Custom Workout Plan and Nutrition for only $125!


Online Only Monthly Plan

Workout plans on Melissa's exclusive app with videos and detailed descriptions and weekly check-ins with your trainer.



Nutrition Only Monthly Plan

Includes analysis of current nutrition and lifestyle habits, custom macros and calories or intuitive eating guidelines adjusted as needed, a day of sample meal plans, weekly check-ins with your trainer.




Blossom Challenge

4 Week Program 

The Blossom Challenge is a great introduction to working out for people who have never exercised, have not exercised in a long time, or simply want a gentle and efficient workout! This program is designed to be totally doable for the busy person without adding any stress to your body yet still providing an effective full body workout.

Three workouts per week with no jumping, no bearing weight on hands, no excessive crunching or twisting, no getting up and down over and over, and absolutely NO BURPEES! Each workout will include a dynamic warm up stretch, a core exercise, four main exercises, and a gentle cool down stretch. Only equipment needed is a pair of dumbbells or you can use household objects such as water bottles or cans of soup. Yoga mat or towel recommend for floor work. The workouts should take about 20 minutes during week 1 working up to about 40 minutes by week 4. You can repeat this program month after month with heavier dumbbells or cancel at anytime and switch to one of my other more advanced online programs!



Build your lower body and strengthen your core! 4 week program designed to use just one pair of dumbbells with progressions each week. Includes access to exclusive app with videos for every exercise. This program will include 3 different workouts per week, and each workout will consist of a warm up, two core exercises, 8 lower body focused dumbbell exercises that will challenge your whole body, and a cool down. After completing this program, you can repeat it again and again with heavier and heavier dumbbells to keep on growing stronger! You can cancel at any time when you're ready to move on to the next stage of your fitness journey.

Don't see the plan you are looking for?

Email Melissa at and we can work out the perfect plan to fit your fitness journey. Pay as you go plans also available.

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Core on Fire

Six week guide includes 18 of the most effective ab exercises with videos, instructions, and tips! Learn to use all of your abdominal muscles efficiently. Suitable for all levels due to the wide variety of exercises included in the guide. Most exercises require no equipment, but a few bonus exercises require a small squishy ball and a large exercise ball. 


Monarch Challenge

8 Week Challenge available to start whenever you're ready!

Kickstart your fitness journey! Includes access to Melissa's app with five thirty minute workouts each week. Videos and detailed descriptions for each exercise, and the exercises will progress throughout the challenge to keep you getting stronger!

All exercises can be performed at home, no fancy equipment needed. 

Weekly check-ins with the trainer, and private group chat with other participants to help cheer each other on.

Add on Nutrition Guidance for the ultimate transformation package!

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